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Developed and tested with more than 2000 sleeves since September 2018, it has now been put into production, and will be available from April 2019.

New is that there is now only a version in stainless steel (stainless steel 304), so no maintenance and the chance that the paint will flake off.


Purpose of the system:

  • Cost saving
  • Smaller groups in series shots
  • Can reload and shoot multiple times with the same sleeve (25+ x)
  • Even hardness of the sleeves
  • Less chance of tearing the neck



  • Storage container +/- 50 sleeves
  • Brought into the flame via a unique transport system for annealing
  • Setting time for annealing 6 to 25 seconds and so on depending on flame temperature
  • Power supply (12 V DC via adapter) for your safety
  • Special roles for non-standard calibers on request
  • Special holder for separate burner - supplied free of charge
  • Start / stop switch

Available in the following countries: NL BE DE FR DK EN later perhaps in other EU countries

Warranty up to 1 year after purchase

Dimensions +/- 33 cm high, 25 cm wide, 17 cm deep



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