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My Story:


As you may know I have been an electronic / mechanical designer since 1982 with my own company from 1986 up to and including 2017 and I enjoyed doing that.

On January 8, 2018 I quit my business, I didn't feel like it anymore and it didn't deliver much anymore, actually it needed money.

In October 2018 a friend of mine comes to me and asks if I can make something for him, an annealing thing, I know a lot what that is and what he was talking about. Take a look at youtube, he said.

Okay I'll take a look.

What I did know was that he had been practicing shooting for years and that he reloaded his own

Cartridge Case for that. How?

So I watched some videos, also those he had mentioned.

What a quantity of different machines and many different hobby solutions came by. 

They gave me an idea.

Okay, I said, I'm going to make something for you, but give me some time because what you want is not particularly good.

So this model was created with a controllable power supply, so that you can set the circulation speed based on the flame temperature and thus get the case out of the sleeve in the best possible way.

Actually, I only wanted to make one ... so for my friend.

Soon the idea emerged that more athletes might need such a unit.

It works really great, he told me and it saves him a lot of time and hassle.

The advantage of annealing is that the precision of the shots is improved, so that the groups are closer to each other, so better results.  

Before this becomes a book, from April 2019 the units can be supplied under the name GLOW-IT 2.0    See the pictures

If you want to know more, please call me for more information


Eddy van Herk

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